download drivers ZenFone Go TV ‏(ZB551KL)

Download file drivers ZenFone Go TV ‏(ZB551KL). This excellance a smartphone with 5.5-inch display, at 267 ppi / dpi, 2GB RAM and equipped with a 4-core 1.4GHz processor, supported by the 3010-mAh battery which is very helpful.
OS : Android 5.1 Lollipop

Description version Size Link
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Software Image Version: WW_V13.2.9.85 For WW SKU only* Improve Items: 1.Fixed the black screen issue occurred in HDR mode in Camera 2.Fixed the display color when starting up the device. 3.Now support “Super Resolution” mode in Camera 4.Now support Smartphone accessory “ZenFlash”. 5.Implemented camera JVIE 2nd source lense sloution. 6.Added RU DTV SKU (G550KL) 7.Renewed E-label. 8.Supported DTV ginga. 9.Changed the default setting to off in sound effect in screen locking and keypad sound. 10.IN SKU will not pre-installed Amazon Kindle WW_V13.2.9.85 1.21 GBytes Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Software Image Version: JP_V13.2.9.87 For JP SKU only* Improve Item: au VoLTE JP_V13.2.9.87 1.18 GBytes Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Software Image Version: WW_V13.2.8.13 For WW SKU only* Improve Items: 1.Updated Solo TV APK 2.Updated Dr. Booster 3.User experience enhanced by improvement over camera features 4.Updated the following apps (AsusSetupWizard, AsusTheme, PowerSaver, AsusDeskClock, AsusCalculator, WeatherTime, AsusSupport, AsusContatcts, AsusSystemUI, AsusFMRadio) WW_V13.2.8.13 1.19 GBytes Download

Steps of Update:
 1. Check software version of your device**
2. Only apply to same SKU update, Example: WW->WW, CN->CN, TW->TW.
3. Software update cannot transfer the software SKU and downgrade the software version.
4. Wrong SKU may cause update failure, please update the same SKU version only. *How to know the device model? Path: Settings->About-> Model number Example: ASUS PadFone2 **How to know the device software version? Path: Settings->About-> software information->Build number Example: CHT_PadFone2-user- *System upgrade may cause part of data missing, please buckup your important data before system upgrading.

Source Code

Description version Size Link
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Kernel Source Code (V13.2.3.46) V13.2.3.46 104.54 MB Download


Description version Size Link
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Brazil-Portuguese Version BP11163 9.1MB Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) French Version F11163 15.01MB Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Indonesian Version ID11163 17.71MB Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Vietnamese Version VN11163 12.4MB Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Russian Version R11163 15.29MB Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Ukrainian Version UA11163 19.42MB Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Turkish Version TR11163 19.98MB Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Thai Version TH11163 19.94MB Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Japanese Version J11163 15.63MB Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) Traditional-Chinese Version T11163 18.71MB Download
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB551KL) English Version E11163 20MB Download